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Conference ELAN

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Konkurs na Pomnik Smoleński
Conference ELAN

On May 14th and 15th  2014 Orońsko was a host to the next edition of European LandArt Symposium. Previous one was held in October 2013 at Yorkshire Sculpture Park and oncoming one will take place in Italy at Arte Sella in September 2014.

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The subject of Orońsko conference was “Local Identity – Continuity And Change. The role of outdoor sculpture and landscape art in shaping local identity and sustainable development”. Speakers and listeners came from countries like Germany, England, Italy and Poland.

Moderator of symposium Prof Jan Stanisław Wojciechowski and Dr Helen Pheby from YSP introduced the topic of the meeting. Papers related to above mentioned theme were presented by Jan Gagacki, Director of CRP, Prof Grzegorz W. Kołodko, Prof Sławomir Ratajski, Prof Bohdan Michalski, Dr hab. Tomasz Matusewicz, Parque-no Group, Eulalia Domanowska, Prof Jan Rylke, Dr Beata Gawryszewska, Dr Martin Henatsch from Germany and Prof Jeremi Królikowski with his team (Katarzyna Pi±dłowska, Beata Rothimel, Ewa Rykała, Michał Skrobot, Karolina Wlazło-Malinowska). Almost everybody participated in discussion that followed.

On the first day, Leszek Golec presented one of his works executed in found footage technique “From the Perspective of Land Art”. On the second day, Dr Jarosław Kozakiewicz combined his talk with the presentation of concept of his work, which will be realized in Orońsko within the European LandArt Network framework.

During their visit, participants had an opportunity to tour our center, visit galleries, Józef Brandt’s Palace, artist’s studios as well as see an exhibition of Prof Kołodko’s photography titled “Let Us Pray”. The display is devoted to the way people around the world are praying and calls for mutual understanding, tolerance and opening to multiculturalism. Prof Kołodko personally commented on the subject matter and showed around the exhibit.

At the end there was a meeting of ELAN project coordinators, which, summarized the effects of the conference and discussed the future ways of cooperation between partners in the next editions of the European programs.


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