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» Annual "Polish Sculpture"

Illustrated publication on sculpture and sculptors regardless of genaration, environment or union membership. A regular section occupies a chronicle with a selection of artistic events in the field of sculpture and any artistic activities from bordering media. Separate volumes are devoted to a particular issue, e.g. Archeology and Art (vol. VI, 1992-1993), The Art of Installation (vol. VII, 1994-1995), Figure in Polish Art of 19th and 20th Centuries (vol. VIII, 1996-1997), Metamorphosis of a Figure (vol. X, 2000-2001).

The latest volume:

t.XIIRocznik RzeĽba Polska
vol. XII
Sztuka w przestrzeni duchowej
[Orońsko. 2006]
vol. XI
Sculpture – Architecture. Mutual relations and strategies

[Orońsko. 2005]


» Orońsko Seminars

The books with Orońsko Seminars are published in a series "Materials on the History of Sculpture". They are a forum for discussion of scientists, academics, critics of art, artists and animators of artistic events. The theoretical reflections on art are accompanied by artistic practice, other issues raised refer to the organisation of artistic life.

The latest volume:

sztuka lat 90. 

vol. V
Art of the 90s.

[Orońsko. 2003]


» The Sculpture Quarterly "Orońsko"

Artistic magazine devoted to the problems of contemporary fine arts, especially sculpture and artistic action in space.

It includes exhibition reviews and reports, presents the artistic production of outstanding Polish artists and galeries. Much attention is paid to the youngest generation of artists and critics.

The latest volume:


No 1/2008

Exhibitions of CRP: Barbara Falender. Sculpture – Mariusz Knorowski writes about an exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Sculpture; “Human destiny” Mieczysław Szewczuk presents Antoni Rz±sa’s art; Re-visions – Antoni Szoska reviews Jan Tutaj’s exhibition at Orangery Gallery; Creativity in ceramics. A Collection of some impressions of Stanisław Brach’s art – Anna Podsiadły shares her impressions from the exhibition; Senses between layers – Michał Ostrowicki reviews Ewa Janus’s art

Events: Masquerades and projections, or: did Alina ¦lesińska really exist?– Ewa Małgorzata Tatar reviews an exhibition at the Zachęta Gallery; EverythingAnna Solbach and Sławomir Marzec, installation artist, share their reflections from a presentation at XX1 Gallery; Draught – i.e. how Szczecin marks its place on the artistic map of Poland – Łukasz Guzek’s opinion; Visit at the ‘Empire of the Senses’ – Anka Le¶niak

Reviews of European events: About the two who print moon faces– Urszula Usakowska-Wolff on the works of Gert & Uwe Tobias; No title (Richard Prince) – Waldemar Pranckiewicz

Interviews: Supporting modern artEwa Izabela Nowak interviews Chantal Cusin-Berche

Presentations: Cyclope – Ewa Izabela Nowak presents the unusual realization of Jean Tinguely and Niki de Saint Phalle; Northern fairy tales on the fjords – Eulalia Domanowska discusses the artistic values of Norwegian Bergen; From the European idea of peace to an open mind – Monika Bartoszek writes about the inauguration of European Peace Road project in Poland

Reflections: Art fairs– Ania Muszyńska discusses the role of fairs in contemporary world; Sculpture work and individual mythologies – the last, third part of Rafał Boettner-Łubowski’s reflections; Sculpture in a tunnel – Zbigniew Makarewicz’s postscript to the article published in the quarterly no 3–4/2007; Sławomir Marzec shares his reflections on the current condition of art


Nr 3–4/2007

Exhibitions of CRP: Adam Myjak. Decade – Mariusz Knorowski introduces the exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Sculpture; „Geometrists” open air workshops in Orońsko – Grzegorz Sztabiński sums up Orońsko workshops organized by Bożena Kowalska; Return to the beginning – Jarosław Lubiak discusses Kamil Kuskowski’s installation Stigmata at the Orangery Gallery; Dictatorship of additions still continues… – Anna Podsiadły reviews Katarzyna Adaszewska’s exhibition Dizajn; Plus minus. Potential of a picture – Agnieszka Okrzeja writes about Izabela Żółcińska’s project

Events: Humorous concept in Polish art – Tomasz Załuski presents the new curator project of Kazimierza Piotrowskiego at CSW; Manifestations or manifests? – Ewa Małgorzata Tatar reviews the well-known Jerzy Bere¶’s exhibition at the Art Bunker; Three roses – Danuta Godycka presents the contest winning project for Bolesław Le¶mian’s monument in Zamo¶ć by Robert Kaja; Biennial is still with us – Izabela Żółcińska gives a relation of the most interesting events from the Venice Biennial; Kassel as a stopover in the route of a long journey (Grand Tour) – Jan Rylke writes about the next great art festival Documenta in Kassel; From a monument to a cake – Eulalia Domanowska guides us around Skulptur Projekte in Münster; Manic DIY fans and blind clairvoyants – Urszula Usakowska-Wolff reviews the Made in Germany exhibition in Hanover; Sternenfall – Ewa Izabela Nowak reviews Anselm Kiefer’s exhibition at the Paris Grand Palais

Interviews: Falling stars – Ewa Izabela Nowak interviews José Alvarez, the curator of Anselm Kiefer’s exhibition

Reflections: Sculpture in a tunnel. Part II – Zbigniew Makarewicz continues outlining the history of Sculpture Department at the Wrocław Art Academy; Sculpture work and individual mythologies. Part II – Rafał Boettner-Łubowski carries on reflections on the problems of imitations and borrowings in art; Dynamics of a dead object – Paweł Polit introduces Edward Krasiński’s experiments with space


No 2/2007

Exhibitions of CRP: Alphabet of sculpture – abc... – Mariusz Knorowski writes on the first stage of an educational project; Art of ideography. Marek Ku¶ – Roman Lewandowski presents the original exhibition at the Orangery Gallery; Jerzy Jarnuszkiewicz’s Medals – Jacek Strzałkowski discusses the little known domain of the artist’s work; Sense of the Matter. A Word on Stefan Borzęcki – Ewa Janus writes about the Krakow artist works; In search of values. Zdzisław Pidek – Piotr Józefowicz remembers the prematurely dead artist

Events: Opus 1. GK Collection #1. Art exhibition from the collection of Grażyna Kulczyk – Mariusz Knorowski reviews the unusual presentation of a private collection in Poznań; Teodor Roszak and Henryk Stażewski At the 20th Century Polish Art – Dorota Monkiewicz introduces the profile of the American artist of Polish origin; International children’s night – Łukasz Guzek presents an exhibition of Leszek Knaflewski’s students; Museums of 21st century: ideas, projects, realizations – Ewa Izabela Nowak discusses visionary projects of contemporary architects; My home is my museum – Urszula Usakowska-Wolff reviews the exhibition of Hartwig and Maria-Theresia Piepenbrock’s collection at the Berlin Gallery; Sculptures peeing among the rhododendrons – Eulalia Domanowska gives a guided tour of the Scandinavian Sculpture Park in Wanas; Committed gallery project. Between bridges – Waldemar Pranckiewicz writes about artists presented at the Between Bridges Gallery

Reflections: Stach from Warta Szukalski and the tribe of Haughty Heart – Lechosław Lameński presents the artist’s profile; Sculpture In a tunnel. Part I – Zbigniew Makarewicz reviews the history of the Sculpture Department at the Wrocław Art Gallery; Sculpture work and individual mythologies. Part I – Rafał Boettner-Łubowski discusses the problems of imitation and borrowings in art; Park – Strynkiewiczes’ open-air exhibition in Mogielnica – Grzegorz Zdziech presents the history of the artists’ studio


No 1/2007

Exhibitions of CRP: Mindaugas Navakas in Orońsko – Jan Rylke shares his reflections on watching the presentation of the Lithuanian artist; Coefficient – Mariusz Knorowski writes about Rafał Rychter’s exhibition at the Orangery Gallery; Stories about Aldona Jonuškaitė-Šaltenienė’s ceramic sculptures Vaidutė Ščiglienė discusses another presentation of the Lithuanian artist; Hold Me – Anna Podsiadły writes on Iwona Demko’s ‘tender’ exhibition at Kameralna Gallery

Events: Entering into the light – Marta Smolińska-Byczuk writes on the latest Jan Berdyszak’s installation at the Old Brewery Gallery in Poznań; Zbigniew Dudek – Mariusz Knorowski explains the artistic origins of the sculptor in relation to an exhibition DEJA VU at the Patio Art Center; Labirynth of spiritual elations Rafał Boettner-Łubowski reviews the Poznań exhibition ending the International Sculpture Triennial SENSITIVITY at the Castle Culture Center; European Peace Road – Road of Sculptures in Europe– Leo Kornbrust presents an outline of the formation of ideas and the beginning of realization of the European sculpture project; Agora – Agnieszka Kulon writes on Magdalena Abakanowicz’s latest work in the Chicago Millennium Parku; Potter, transistor, psychoanalysis fan – Waldemar Pranckiewicz presents the personality of Grayson Perry and his latest exhibition at the Victoria Miro Gallery; Sculpture now! – Urszula Usakowska-Wolff reviews the exhibition The Power of things. Sculpture now! in Georg-Kolbe-Muzeum in Berlin

Reflections: Thirty years have passed... – Ewa Izabela Nowak writes about the round anniversary of Centre Pompidou in Paris; Charm of museums – Eulalia Domanowska reflects on the contemporary museology; Almost monument – almost memory – Marta Le¶niakowska writes about two models of presenting history

Interviews: On art… – Monika Tokarska talks to Marek Kijewski; Come and satiate with art – Ewa Izabela Nowak talks to Alexia Fabre, main custodian of Museum MAC/VAL in Vitry-sur-Seine


No 3–4/2006

Exhibitions of CRP: Spirituality in Art – Jan Stanisław Wojciechowski writes on the problems of an all-Poland conference; On the nature of appropriacy and its transgression – theoretical principles of Jarosław Kozakiewicz’s art at an exhibition in CRP discussed by Krzysztof Kalitko; Marek Radke RaumBild – Jürgen Weichardt writes on the artist’s exhibition

Events: Real utopias. Unreal cities – Agnieszka Rayzacher Wites on the exhibition Ideal Cities – Invisible Cities in Zamo¶ć; “In Poland – that is where?”. Fantasy and melancholy – Ewa Małgorzata Tatar discusses the definition of Polish identity in art on the basis of exhibition at the Ujazdów Castle; Attention! Art In the Centre – Katarzyna Bojarska writes about an attempt at redefinition of art in Poland at an exhibition in CSW; Ecology instead of still life – Marta Skłodowska reports on artists’ attitudes towards nature at an exhibition in the ŁódĽ Centre for Propagating Art; Democracy, or passion? – Agata Rogo¶ discusses two famous exhibitions devoted to the theme of love; Paweł Althamer at Centre Pompidou – Ewa Izabela Nowak writes on the Parisian presentation of Polish artist; Art shining in the dark – Eulalia Domanowska writes on the Winter Biennial in Lulea; French concrete art. François Morellet – Ewa Izabela Nowak discusses the presentation of the French artist in Angers ; Biennale, which is to come – Tomasz Załuski reviews this year’s ŁódĽ Biennial and makes suggestions for the organizers of the next one

Interviews: A Gust of Wind – editors of the Quarterly talk to Prof. Maciej Szańkowski

Reflections: From „geometry of fear” to „ environment” – Dorota Grubba discusses the third part of the study on the history of modern sculpture in Poland

nr 2/2006

No 2/2006

Exhibitions of CRP: Wiktor Brodzki & Philippe Brodzki – sculpture of generations; Alfreda Poznańska at the Chapel Gallery, Andrzej Wasilewski at Orangery Gallery

Home news: on Marcin Berdyszak’s exhibition at XX1 Gallery; on two Jarosław Kozakiewicz’s projects

World news: Dan Flavin’s exhibition at Musée d’Art Moderne in Paris; Martin Kippenberger’s exhibition in London

Miscellaneous: Izabela Sosnowska-Kozieł talks to Stanisław Kulon; reflections on Władysław Hasior’s works; philosophical aspects of the notion art according to Jürgen Blum-Kwiatkowski; on figural and limited sculpture in the post-war productions of Polish artists

nr 1/2006

No 1/2006

Among others: exhibition of Jan de Weryha-Wysoczański, portrait in collection in Orońsko

Home news: Ilya and Emilia Kabakov in Atlas Sztuki, Krzysztof Wodiczko in Warsaw

International news: exhibition of Rodin Museum, Frank O. Gehry in Germany

Collection CRP: works of Konstanty Laszczka


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» Monographs of Polish sculptors

The series has been published since 1995. So far the following artists have been presented: Alfons Karny, Maciej Szańkowski, Olgierd Truszyński, Jan Kucz, Jan Berdyszak and Antoni Janusz Pastwa

» Thematic publications, catalogues

Next to special books, exhibitions catalogues and thematic publications constitute an important group dealing with problems of contemporary art and art in Orońsko.


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