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 Sculptor's Creative Work

Centre of Sculptor's Creative Work

The centre realises the technological tasks related to artistic projects. It provides conditions for making sculptures from various materials - stone, wood, metal, ceramics, plastics - and using various techniques.
facilities for creative work

  • 6 workshop-ateliers
  • 5,200m2 open-air square with sculpting stands equipped with electric and water installations

specialists technological workshops

  • metalworking workshop - offers a range of services, such as: blacksmith works, milling, welding, it also makes sculpting tools (chisels for stone and sculpting hammers) and various types of metal constructions
  • foundry makes bronze models and casts of commissioned models using the lost-wax process; equipment: furnaces and kilns, investments for casts weighing up to 60 kg
  • ceramic workshop - gives opportunity of forming and firing ceramic forms; equipment: a large kiln (1x1x1 m), laboratory furnace
  • stonecutting workshop - offers the services of cutting and polishing stone, making sculpture foundations, Belgian blocks, etc.
  • woodworking workshop - deals with mechanical and hand working of wood; equipment: planing, thicknessing and sanding machines, lathe, fret-saw
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